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Name of Mission:  The Red Fang
Rank of Mission:  D
Max Participants:  Up to 4 Shinobi
Word Count Minimum:  2000 words
Location:  Other country's Village Outskirts (if you are a Lava Nin, it must be performed in the Sky Village Outskirts and visa versa)
Objective:  Rumors have circulated that there is an organization called 'The Red Fang' holding meetings within your village.  You decided to follow the rumors only to find yourself in a sake bar where a bunch of older men started to talk about a rendezvous in X Country's Village Outskirts.  

You eventually find your way there and sit in on the rendezvous only to find out that the people there hold angered sentiments about the shinobi in your country; wishing for a change.  They also mention something about a weapon that targets those shinobi that are capable of forming chakra.  It is then, that you discover that you are being watched by a fledgling AiT from your village.  

Now that the AiT knows your face, they will take their information back to your village and state that you are a criminal.  You can't have that, now can you?  Your job is to take out the ANBU (kill him if you want) and do what you will with the people trying to create this Chakra Weapon.  (Kill them, too, if you desire)  Don't bother looting their bodies as none of them have blueprints or formulas for this chakra weapon.

Boss:  Hunter AiT -- This is a Hunter ANBU in Training from your village.  They were sent to observe 'The Red Fang' and their whereabouts.  However, since they know you are working for 'The Red Fang' they have to report your to their authorities.  This Hunter AiT is very well versed at using Genjutsu that makes a member feel like they are in paradise while in the real world, they beat their targets to a pulp.  While their opponents are stuck in 'lala land' they can't feel any of the pain that is incurred upon them until after the Genjutsu is broken.

This AiT isn't just skilled at genjutsu, but they are an expert at unarmed combat and is capable of going berserk during combat.  

Reward:  50 EXP, 2000 Ryo, C Rank Weapon Voucher
NOTE:  May only perform this mission once
NOTE:  Must go to the Village Outskirts of the other country to perform this.

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