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[Good] Stop the Jumper Empty [Good] Stop the Jumper

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 22, 2016 6:01 am

Name of Mission:  Stop the Jumper
Rank of Mission:  D
Max Participants:  Up to 2 Genin
Word Count Minimum:   1000 words
Objective:  [EMERGENCY!]  This job is considered urgent!  On top of the Academy, there is a child by the name of Kotobuki Shinji standing on a ledge, threatening to jump.  We would ask some of the higher ranking shinobi, but they are out of the village on missions.  We need you to go to the Academy and talk Shinji out of jumping to his death.  

Shinji will speak to you nervously; a part of him doesn't want to jump but he sees no other way.  He will threaten to jump if anyone comes too close to him.  Your objective is to talk him out of jumping off of the building.  However, Shinji will slip and fall.  This is where you use your shinobi training to break his fall and save his life!

Reward:  25 EXP, 1000 Ryo

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