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Ending a Mission Empty Ending a Mission

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 18, 2016 12:14 am

Make a post here ending your mission.
You will need the following:
[u]Link to Mission Approval[/u]:
[u]Link Mission[/u]:  (This is the thread where you actually did the mission)
[u]Choice[/u]:  (This applies to [Choice] missions only.  Did you pick the [Good] or [Evil] route)
Once that is received, the staff member will go to your Mission Approval, look over the original mission and then look over your RP and they will check for a few things:
They will check for you reaching the Word Count minimum
They will check to see if you RP'd properly (You can't RP 1000 words of you pooping if the job is to find a princess and rescue her)
They will check to see if everyone in the mission did their fair share of the RPing and not being carried.
They will check to see if the mission was actually accomplished.

Once all of that has been satisfied, the staff member will Post that your Mission is completed in your Mission Approval thread and lock it.
They will then post your earnings (EXP, Ryo, items given) in your Mission Completion Topic and lock it.
The staff member will then put a note of your items you received in your Character Sheet (site one, not your profile) and update your EXP and Ryo.

Keep a list of your missions accomplished in your Profile for auditing reasons.  If an audit happens and you don't have this mission in your profile, we will wonder where your EXP came from and it will be changed accordingly.

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