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Mission Rules Empty Mission Rules

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 27, 2016 5:45 am

Welcome!  If you are reading this then you are ready to perform a mission!  Below, you will learn how to perform a mission.  
To learn how to create your own mission, check the post directly below this one.

What is a Mission?
A mission is something you can start performing once you have reached the IC rank of Genin.  These are 'jobs' performed by shinobi funded by an outside source.  These missions can be funded through the village from a single person, or these can be jobs that are directly from the client.  

Missions are the main source of income for a village and they are also a great way to gain experience through means of combat and shinobi skills.

Types of Missions
Site Missions:
These are the missions created by the site that anyone can perform.  These offer the greatest rewards and a higher likelihood of giving better loot as a mission reward than any others.  However, the Site Missions are already pre-determined on what the job is like and how it's to be carried out.
Find a list of the Site Missions Here
Village Missions:
Village Missions are much like Site Missions, but they are specific to your village.  Missing Nin do not have the ability to perform Village Missions.  Village Missions are very much like Site Missions, however, a village is limited to what they can offer as a reward for these missions and these missions must be approved prior to being available village-wide.
Personal Missions:
These are missions that shinobi create themselves.  These missions have a custom/personal feel to them as they can be catered to a particular character's storyline or even to a player's own interest.  While these are more interesting than Site Missions and Village Missions as well as being more personal, they cannot offer special rewards other than EXP and Ryo

Rank Restrictions
One thing to realize when performing a Mission is that you are restricted with what missions you are capable of performing due to your IC Rank.  While it was shown that Naruto remained a Genin the entire time and went on dangerous missions, he was always the exception.   Missions on this site, are dictated by IC Ranks (Unless you're a missing nin, but that doesn't apply here as they don't exist yet)

Follow the table below to know what missions you can or cannot do.  You will also see the Mission Completion rewards as well.
Job RankMinimum Ranks
of Participants
Mission Rewards
D1 Genin minimum25 EXP1000 Ryo
C1 Chuunin minimum
(Can bring Genin)
140 EXP3000 Ryo
B2 Chuunin+750 EXP5000 Ryo
A1 Jounin minimum
(Can bring Chuunin)
1250 EXP10000 Ryo
S2 Jounin2000 EXP30000 Ryo
X2 X Rank5000 EXP75000 Ryo
While shinobi are capable of doing a mission of a higher rank than normal, they are required to do these missions with a higher ranking shinobi.  
If a shinobi cannot find one of a higher rank, they must perform the mission of their rank.  While it may take longer to do so, it is balanced to where it doesn't take 12 jobs per rank to solo.

Mission Karma
Missions are split up into 3 different Mission Karma types:
[Good] -- These are missions where you do good deeds, gaining positive karma.  Upon completion of the mission, you also gain +1 Karma.
[Evil] -- These are missions where you do less than righteous deeds.  These jobs may not be illegal all of the time, but some of the things you do may be classified as unethical.  Upon completion of the mission, you gain -1 Karma.
[Choice] -- These missions give you the choice on how you want to end it.  You are given a scenario between either the [Good] ending to the job or the [Evil] ending to the job depending on your actions.  You will gain either +1 Karma if you performed the Good Choice or -1 Karma if you performed the Evil Choice.  
**After the mission is complete, the staff member will update your Karma in your character sheet with either +1 or -1.  You CAN go into the negatives.

Performing a Mission
In order to get to this step, you must first request to do a mission.  You can find the form Here to either start or create your mission.  

Afterward, you post your request in that forum and wait for a member of staff to approve your request.  Once the request is approved, you start your mission.  
**NOTE:  You may do the mission anywhere you want, however, if the mission has a specific location for you to do it, it must be performed there!

Mission Format
Create your topic and start on your mission.  Everything in missions are completely free-form roleplayed.  This means there will be no modded combat.  HP, CP, Exh will not be tracked during these missions to allow you freedom to do the job however you want.  

While the job is already laid out, it is up to you to narrate the story of that mission and do it your own way.  

Mission Objective
The mission objective is extremely important!  However, you shouldn't spend the entire mission completing the objective.  What I mean is, if the objective is to fight Joe Ninja, you shouldn't spend the entire thread fighting Joe Ninja.  There are more to missions than that!  You are capable of having dialogue with your teammates when possible, creating your own story with the mission, etc etc.  Just don't spend the entire mission just performing the objective; missions will get very boring after a while if this train of thought is followed.

Meeting Word Count
While the Word Count minimum is just that, a minimum, you are welcome to write as long as you want on the mission.  Unfortunately, however, you don't gain any bonuses from writing more than the minimum requirements.  However, in order to get full credit for the Mission, you MUST meet the word count minimum.

Turning in the Mission
2 Conditions must be met before you can turn in a Mission:
1)  Meet the minimum word count
2)  Successfully complete the objective
Once you have performed all of that, you now have to turn it in.  In order to do that, see the form located Here .  Fill that out and make your own request.  Once your request has been handled, the mods will:

1)  Look over your post to make sure you didn't post the minimum word count filled with non-sense
2)  Ensure you met the word count
3)  Ensure you completed the objective

Once the above three have been satisfied, the mod will post your mission rewards IN YOUR MISSION after the mission has been completed.  These mission rewards include what all you have earned in terms of EXP and Ryo (to include any multipliers for being on a team) as well as any items the mission has rewarded as well.

Once that post has been put up, the mod will go through every single participant and award them their EXP, Ryo, and Karma in each character's Character Sheet.

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Mission Rules Empty How to Create a Personal Mission

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:45 am

Here, you will learn how to create your own personal mission.  You will use the following form to create your missions.  (This form is also found in the Start/Create a Mission thread in the Request Area)

Name of Mission:
Rank of Mission:
Mission Karma:
Participants:  (with IC Rank/Team in parenthesis)
Word Count Minimum:  
Boss (if applicable):  
EXP Given:
Ryo Given:

--Name of Mission:  Self-explanatory.  Each Mission needs a name
--Rank of Mission:  In the above post, find what rank of the mission is appropriate for you.
--Mission Karma: Only Good or Bad. The way you RP it needs to reflect the Mission karma as well.
--Participants:  Here, you will list everyone participating's >>Name >>IC Rank >>Team Name in parenthesis
--Word Count Minimum:  
Word Count Minimums:
While the specific word-count to a mission isn't written in stone, these are guidelines that we expect you to follow when making word-count for a mission.  Use this guideline when creating jobs.  If the word-count isn't within this range, your job will be denied.

D Rank Mission:  1000 word minimum (in a group)/ 500 word minimum Solo
C Rank Mission:  2500 word minimum (in a group)/ 1250 word minimum Solo
B Rank Mission:  5000 word minimum (in a group)/ 2500 word minimum Solo
A Rank Mission:  10000 words minimum (in a group)/ 5000 minimum Solo
*S Rank Mission:  20000 words minimum

*Note:  S Rank Missions cannot be solo'd and require at least 2 members.
While you are allowed to have a higher minimum, you can NEVER have a lower minimum than what the site has for their minimums.
--Objective: This is where you write the bulk of your mission. You write what your main objective is and the things you'll do (in a very brief summary) of what you'll do without going into detail.
--Boss (if applicable): Yup, some missions will have bosses. You can outline their bloodline and other identifying factors. You can have more than 1 boss if you wish as well. Any cronies that belong to these bosses are completely up to you. Keep in mind, however, that not all missions are required to have a Boss fight.
--EXP/Ryo: Check the post above with the table. Your rewards must match those.

Creating your job will replace the normal Mission request and will act as your mission request. A member of staff will come around to see if you did everything correctly and approve your job. Once your job has been approved, perform your job and turn it in like you would any other job. Good luck and enjoy building your very own missions!

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