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Name of Mission:  Escort the Ambassador
Rank of Mission:  D
Max Participants:  No more than 4 shinobi
Word Count Minimum:  2000 words
Location:  Your country's Village Outskirts (Pick one)
Objective:   An important Ambassador needs to be transported from your village out into the Village Outskirts (you choose the place) where they are to go into hiding.  Your job is to travel discretely with the Ambassador, keeping him safe until you reach your destination.  Along the way, you will encounter a shinobi wearing a Leaf headband.  They will state that the Ambassador is trying to keep the old Shinobi Alliance scattered in order for the two new super-powers (Lava and Sky) to remain in power.  

Your job is to deflect the shinobi and get the Ambassador home.  Regardless of how much you fight, the shinobi will eventually flee the battle.

Boss:  Leaf Chuunin -- A Chuuning wearing an old Leaf Village headband is brandishing a spear with the sole intent on killing the Ambassador you are traveling with.  This Chuunin is highly skilled at Taijutsu with their spear and has shown having traits of the Yuki Clan.  

Reward:  50 EXP, 2000 Ryo, C Rank Weapon Voucher
*Note:  This mission may only be performed once.
*Note:  This mission must be performed in a village outskirt.

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