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Post by Admin on Wed Mar 23, 2016 2:48 am

Name of Mission:  Robbin' Hood
Rank of Mission:  D
Max Participants:  2 Genin Max
Word Count Minimum:  1000
Objective:  A rumor has been spreading that a rich kid is arriving to the village with his father to show off a strange techno-chakra machine that tries to unite technology and chakra together.  However, it's not his father's machine that's important; the kids are looking to rob him of his money.  There are 2 academy aged kids who plan to 'make friends' with the rich kid only to jump him and take his money.

Your job is to act as overwatch for the thugs, calling out when an adult or other shinobi is coming.  During your overwatch, you will encounter a Jounin who is questioning what you're doing; the jounin is also going to be very persistent and insist on knowing what you're doing.  Do what you can to get the Jounin to go away and return to the kids to get your fair share.  

Once you return, the rich kid will run away.  You can choose to accept your share or take the thugs' shares for yourself.   

Reward:  25 EXP, 1000 Ryo (2000 Ryo if you rob your client)

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