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[Either]  Infiltrate Team Nanashi! Empty [Either] Infiltrate Team Nanashi!

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Name of Mission:  Infiltrate Team Nanashi!
Rank of Mission:  D
Max Participants:  2 Genin Max
Word Count Minimum:  1000 words
Objective:  You have been tasked with infiltrating a newly formed Genin Team consisting of 2 Genin.  They have been known to causing trouble and even getting in trouble with the law.  The two shinobi are a brother and sister duo that pester students, steal from shops, eat-and-run, vandalizes property, and even destroys small objects.  Regardless of their punishment, they still insist on doing these things.

Your job is to infiltrate Team Nanashi and gain their trust.  You need to catch them doing something bad red-handed.  Once you have caught them red-handed, it is up to you to bring them in to the authorities.  How you handle their apprehension is completely up to you.

Potential Outcomes
[Good] -- You apprehend Team Nanashi and bring them in to justice.  You shouldn't do this in a violent manner.  Once apprehended, signal for ANBU and they will come to your position.

[Bad] -- Due to the objective of the mission, you need to bring them in.  However, instead of bringing them in in a peaceful manner, you all beat them up before calling in the ANBU.  

Reward:  25 EXP, 1000 Ryo

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