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[Either]  My Own Kind of Justice Empty [Either] My Own Kind of Justice

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Name of Mission:  My Own Kind of Justice
Rank of Mission:  D
Max Participants:  2 Genin
Word Count Minimum:  1000 words
Objective:  There is a blazing fire in the residential district; a house with a family of 3.  A man, his wife, their 2 year old daughter, and their dog.  Inside is also a home intruder that attempted to hold the 2 year old daughter hostage until the fire broke out.  After the fire ignited the house, the home intruder was completely disoriented before a support beam fell upon him.  

Your objective is to save the family of 3 and their dog.  The fate of the home intruder, however, is in your hands.

Potential Outcomes
[Good] -- You get into the house after getting the family safe and rescue the home intruder.  After you bring the intruder out, however, the ANBU will be right behind you to take the home intruder away.  

[Evil] -- You decide to take justice into your own hands.  You return to the house and simply watch the man burn; even potentially helping the fire out in the process.  Once you have had enough (or if the man was killed), you exit the burning house.  You will be asked how the home invader is and the answer you tell them is completely up to you.

Reward:  25 EXP, 1000 Ryo

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