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[Either] Beat up the Bully! Empty [Either] Beat up the Bully!

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Name of Mission:  Beat up the Bully!
Rank of Mission:  D
Max Participants:  Up to 2 Genin
Word Count Minimum:  1000 Words
Objective:  Rokubungi Riko is a student at the Academy.  She gets relatively good grades and knows the theory of performing jutsu, however, her ability to actually perform the jutsu is poor.  Due to her poor performance, she is constantly bullied by a much larger child at the Academy by the name of Takano Kouji; an expert student in Taijutsu.  

Riko's mother made the request to have someone put a stop to Kouji's ill treatment of her daughter.  The way one could carry this out depends on the shinobi.

Possible Outcomes
[Good] -- The shinobi could find a non-violent solution to the problem to stop Takano Kouji from bullying Riko.  Upon finding a non-violent solution, it is discovered that Kouji actually liked Riko.

[Evil] -- The shinobi uses violence as a means to an end, beating up Kouji and bullying him to show him how it feels.  Riko will be watching the shinobi beat up Kouji and a strange, satisfied smile creeps across her face.

Reward:  25 EXP, 1000 Ryo.

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