Academy Class: Bodyswitch!

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Academy Class:  Bodyswitch! Empty Academy Class: Bodyswitch!

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 22, 2016 2:42 am

Name:  Learning Body Switch Jutsu
Max Participants:  No Limit
Word Count Minimum:  1000 words / 500 words solo
Objective:  The student is to attend a class where their sensei teaches them how to use the Body Switch jutsu.  This jutsu uses rapid movement to replace themselves with a wooden log, allowing the wooden log to take the damage for them instead of dealing damage to them.  The student's job is to learn how to perform this jutsu and perform it effectively once.

Rewards:  10 EXP, Body Switch Jutsu learned!, 1x Kawarimi Target

((Body Switch and the Kawarimi Target will be placed in your inventory))

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