Buying a Weapon/Puppet Voucher // Alteration Voucher

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Buying a Weapon/Puppet Voucher // Alteration Voucher Empty Buying a Weapon/Puppet Voucher // Alteration Voucher

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 19, 2016 4:24 am

To purchase a Weapon/Puppet Voucher, simply post "Buying X Voucher" with X Being either Weapon or Puppet.

Weapon/Puppet Voucher Prices:
D Rank:  5k
C Rank:  10k
B Rank:  16k
A Rank:  40k
S Rank:  100k
X Rank:  250k

Post your order using the following code:
[u]Customer's Name[/u]:
[u]Rank of Voucher[/u]:
[u]Type of Voucher[/u]:  Weapon/Puppet

You can place multiple orders if you wish.
Once your orders have been looked at by a member of staff, they will add your vouchers to your Inventory (in your character sheet).
They will look like:
A Rank Weapon Voucher
X Rank Puppet Voucher
and so on...

Once you have received your voucher, go and create your weapons/puppets in the Equipment Creation.

One may also purchase an Alteration Voucher to change their weapon or puppet.
Unlike Purchasing Vouchers, these Alteration Vouchers can apply to either weapons or puppets (there is no distinction).  The only distinction is the weapon/puppet's rank.

D Rank:  2.5k
C Rank:  5k
B Rank:  8k
A Rank:  20k
S Rank:  50k
X Rank:  125k

Use the following code to purchase an Alteration Voucher.
[u]Customer's Name[/u]:
[u]Alteration Voucher's Rank[/u]:  
Afterward, a member of staff will take your money and put an Alteration Voucher in your Inventory.  It should read like:
A Rank Alteration Voucher
B Rank Alteration Voucher
etc etc.

Once you do that, request your topic to be moved so you can alter your voucher.  Once your topic has been moved, a member of the staff will remove the Alteration Voucher (assuming the item you're moving matches the voucher you purchased) from your inventory.

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