How to Create an Heirloom

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How to Create an Heirloom Empty How to Create an Heirloom

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:41 pm

Everyone is capable of creating an Heirloom.  However, unlike Puppets and Weapons, a shinobi may only have 1 Heirloom.  

These Heirlooms are special as they cannot be:
- Broken
- Stolen
- Have their ability canceled
- Have their ability copied
- Have their ability lowered in any way.

These are special items that are personalized for the shinobi and have some IC significance to the shinobi.  

Use the following code to write up your Heirloom.

[u]Character's Name[/u]:
[u]Heirloom Name[/u]:
[u]Heirloom Description[/u]:
[u]IC significance to the shinobi[/u]: (500 word minimum RP on it's significance to your character)
[u]Activated Passive Effect[/u]:
[u]Rounds Active[/u]:  

Character's Name:  Your character's name
Heirloom Name:  Self Explanatory
Heirloom Description:  Explain what it looks like
IC significance to the shinobi:  All of these items have some IC significance to your character; whether it is a memento of your character's dead mother/father/etc or even an item that brings your character luck.  Write a 500 word RP on the significance this item has for your character.
Activated Passive Effect:  These effects MUST be activated for them to work.  It doesn't cost any chakra or stamina to use these.  These effects can do roughly anything from changing your character into a bird to giving you herculean strength.  Your activated passives WILL NOT touch upon your character's battle stats (such as HP, Accuracy, etc).  Be wise with what you want the effect to be as you cannot change it in the future.
Rounds Active:  All of these activated passive effects can be activated once per battle up to 5 rounds.  If you decide to make it activate for 1 round, that's it for the battle.  While it is recommended to make this 5 rounds, if you desire to make it last less, that is entirely up to you.

Changing the Heirloom
Once you create your Heirloom, that is it.  It will not change.  So choose wisely.

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