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Bloodline, Combat Specialty, Kinjutsu Request Empty Bloodline, Combat Specialty, Kinjutsu Request

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 18, 2016 12:46 am

Changing Bloodlines
Everyone has up to 2 bloodlines they can switch between. Their primary and secondary bloodline.
Your Primary Bloodline can NEVER be changed, ever.
However, your secondary bloodline may be changed IF you have never switched to it before.

To switch from your Primary Bloodline to your Secondary Bloodline:
Post a link to your character registration.
You will be asked to confirm your decision to switch to your Secondary Bloodline.
Upon confirmation, you will be switched over to your Secondary Bloodline (marked as Active/Locked in your Site Character Sheet)
Upon that being performed, your request will be locked.
You will, however, be required to unlock your secondary bloodline skills in your training thread. All abilities from the previous bloodline cannot be used and are considered "reset"
NOTE: You cannot ask for a change back for another 3 months.

To switch from your Secondary Bloodline back to your Primary Bloodline:
Do the same thing as above.
When you return to your primary bloodline, you will have to relearn all of your bloodline skills (or new skills if you want in the bloodline)

To completely switch Secondary Bloodline
You CANNOT have switched to your secondary bloodline yet. If you did, you cannot do this.
If you haven't, you can switch your secondary bloodline to another of your choosing. This is, however, your only swap.
After you confirmed the swap, a member of staff will go to your Site Character Sheet and put in the name of your new Secondary Bloodline with the words [Locked] on it so it cannot be changed in the future.

Changing Combat Specialty
To change Combat Specialty, just request what Combat Specialty you want and it'll be changed over.
Keep in mind, you cannot change your Combat Specialty for another 4 months.
Afterward, a member of staff will change your Combat Specialty in your Character Sheet.

Gaining a Kinjutsu
In your request, post which Kinjutsu you'd like to have.
Keep in mind, that by choosing a Kinjutsu that you lose both your Bloodlines and Combat Specialty. You will be stuck with this Kinjutsu FOREVER. Yes, Kinjutsu are more powerful than Bloodlines and Combat Specialties, but you also lose your ability to really change your build and are stuck with the build associated with just your Kinjutsu.
You will be asked to confirm your decision.
Upon confirmation, a member of staff will delete your Bloodlines and Combat Specialty Fields and fill in the Kinjutsu field.
You are now stuck with this Kinjutsu forever as this character.


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