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Rank up Request / Branch Change Empty Rank up Request / Branch Change

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 18, 2016 12:27 am

IC Rank Up Exam Request

Post here if you need an IC Rank-up.  All villages have their own IC Rank-up requirements.  Post requesting you want a:
IC Rank Up [Village Name] in the Title.
In this post, post the missions you have accomplished since gaining your rank. These Missions must be something your character is capable of going on. See Here for more details on that.
A member of your village will come around and either approve/deny that you have successfully fulfilled or haven't fulfilled the requirements for IC Rank up.  

If you have successfully made the pre-requisites, a member of your village will hold your exam.
If you are a missing nin, a member of staff will hold your exam.

Once you have completed your Exam, a reply will be made by your examiner in your IC Rank-up Request with a link to your exam and whether or not you passed or failed.
If you passed, you will be given the next banner up by an admin.
If you failed, you will get nothing.
Regardless of the outcome, the request will be locked.  If you require a new request, make another thread.

OOC Rank up
You have enough EXP to rank up to the next OOC Rank?
Just post requesting an OOC Rank up (since your EXP will be in the bar to the left) and a member of staff will edit your rank.

Changing Branches
There are 3 branches:
The Normal Branch
The Medical Branch
The ANBU Branch
In order to change branches, you MUST make a post with your Sannin in charge of that branch (or with your kage) and gain permission to join that branch.  Once permission has been granted IC, post the thread where permission was granted for you to change branches.  
A member of staff will read over it to see if, indeed, you obtained permission.  Once that is approved, a member of Admin will change your banner appropriately.

Student to Branch
This can also be done automatically if you are an Academy Student trying to rank-up to Genin.  Instead, you can choose to go ANBU or Medical Branch.  Upon completion of your exam, you will be changed to that branch.

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