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Post by Admin on Thu Mar 17, 2016 11:55 pm

If you need to learn the benefits of registering your team, refer to:  Here
Use the form below to create your team (yes, Missing Nin can create teams with one another):
[b]Village of the Team[/b]:  
[b]Team Name[/b]:
[b]Username of Members[/b]:  
Copy/Paste/Fill out this form in a separate topic in this forum.  A member of staff will come around, check to see if that username is already in a team or not.  If they aren't in a team, they will be added to the team.  
Inactive Members will be dropped from their team.

If you need to disband a team, make a separate post disbanding the team.
If you wish to leave a team, make a separate post stating what team you are in and that you are leaving.
To remove someone from your team, you need a unanimous vote from your team (in the topic) stating that you want X removed from your team.

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