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Post by Admin on Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:46 pm

Yup, there are travel rules on this site.  However, most people may not even travel from country-to-country due to there being plenty of things to do within their native country.  However, these rules are for the globe-trotters who wish to see the world and do things within that world.

There are 3 types of Travel Types:
1)  Normal Travel - These are normal travel rules (read below in section 1).
2)  Timed Travel - These are travel rules including real OOC time in order to move around (read below in section 2).
3)  Event Travel - This is usually left up for fluffy events to get more participation.  (Read section 3 for more info)

Section 1:  Normal Travel
Normal Travel is the main rules you will use when traveling from country A to country B.  
Use the following as rules on how to travel.

Traveling from Village A to Country A:  
In order to travel from inside of your village to outside of your village, you must make a post in your village's gates.  

    +[Peaceful Exit] If you are leaving peacefully, you may simply post in the gates that you are leaving and then leave.  This is assuming you didn't do anything bad within the village.  This goes for both shinobi of that village and visiting shinobi.

    +[Hostile Exit] If you did something hostile while in the village (To include killing/attacking NPCs or attacking PCs or damaging buildings) you are required to make a Timed Travel exit.  (See Section 2 for more details)
    NOTE:  You MUST have [Leaving Village] in your topic's title.

Leaving Country A:
In order to go from one country to the next, you must post somewhere within the country you are leaving first.   This does not include within the village, it must be in the Village Outskirts area.

    +[Peaceful Exit] If you left the village peacefully and didn't cause a ruckus in the Outskirts, you may leave peacefully.  In order to do this, you simply post a topic within the country you are leaving with your leaving topic.  A single post will do.

    +[Hostile Exit]  If you left the village with a Hostile Exit, you must also leave the country with a Hostile Exit.  You would also have to post a Hostile Exit if you left the village peacefully, but committed a crime in the Outskirts area.In both cased, you are required to make a Timed Travel post in order to leave.
    NOTE:  You MUST have [Leaving Country] in your topic's title.NOTE:  You MUST leave all topics within that country before changing countries.

Entering Country B:
Now that you have left Country A, you may now enter Country B.  While entering into Country B, there is no need for Timed Travel here.
In order to enter the country, you simply need to make a single post entering the country.
NOTE:  You MUST have [Entering Country] in your topic's title

Entering Village B:
Now this is where it gets tricky.  Upon entering Village B, several variables can happen:

    + [Peaceful Entrance/Native Village]  If you and everyone else you are traveling with belong to this village, you all must post within the village's gates to enter the village.  You will not be challenged by the home village's shinobi.
    NOTE:  You MUST have [Entering Village] in your topic's title

    + [Peaceful Entrance/Foreign Shinobi]  If you and everyone else you are traveling with do not belong to this village, you must sit at the gates and wait for someone to let you in.  The shinobi will go through their village's gate procedures and they may or may not allow you access into their village; which the result is completely up to the shinobi you meet.  ONLY shinobi native to that village can stop you and let you in.  If you are let in, you are free to enter the village.  If you are not let in, you cannot enter the village.... peacefully.
    NOTE:  You MUST have [Requesting Entry] in your topic's title

    + ["Peaceful Entrance"/Mixed Shinobi] If you have a member of your village trying to enter with a group of foreigners, they may escort the foreigners into the village without requiring permission to enter.  This can make things interesting as members of your village can smuggle in badguys to cause ruckus within your village.  
    NOTE:  You MUST have [Entering Village] in your topic's title

    + [Hostile Entrance] This is a Timed Travel thread for foreign shinobi.  If they do not wish to wait for the gate procedure to let them into the village, they could break their way into the village. Doing so, however, will leave the village on high alert.  While they know there are intruders, they won't know exactly who intruded within the village.  Upon entering with a Hostile Entrance, you are forced to leave the village and country as Timed Travel.
    NOTE:  You MUST have [Breaking In] in your topic's title

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Travel Rules Empty Re: Travel Rules

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:15 pm

Section 2:  Timed Travel

Timed Travel are only used for hostile actions.
You used a Timed Travel for:
+ Leaving the village if you did a hostile action within the village.
+ Leaving the Country if you did a hostile action within the village of the same country.
+ Leaving the Country if you did a hostile action within that country's borders (outside of the village)
+ Breaking into another village.

Now that you know WHEN Timed Travel is performed, I will tell you the HOW.

You will have OOC time tacked onto your travel between locations.  The OOC time will be dependent on your OOC rank.

D Rank:  180 minutes (3.0 Hours)
C Rank:  150 minutes (2.5 Hours)
B Rank:  120 minutes (2.0 Hours)
A Rank:  090 minutes (1.5 Hours)
S Rank:  060 minutes (1.0 Hours)
X Rank:  030 minutes (0.5 Hours)

If you are traveling with a group, then the longest travel time applies to EVERYONE you are traveling with.  However, beware of people "catching" you during your Timed Travel thread.

Catching Someone
Anyone is capable of "Catching" someone that has a Timed Travel thread.  All they must do is post in your thread before your time has expired.  Anyone may join at this time; so beware of a possible 10v1 situation.  During a catch, this isn't considered topic rushing and is 100% legal.  Nobody else may join after the time has expired.

Time Expired
The time for people to catch persists until the last person in the topic's Time has expired.  This can make traveling in groups extremely risky with a high chance of being caught.

Going Free
If your time has expired and nobody has entered the topic, you are considered free.  This applies to everyone.  Everyone must escape using their time in the thread.
If you have 1 person post at 0:29 PM GMT with a 2 hour Timed Travel
And if you have another person post at 1:30 PM GMT with a 2 hour Timed Travel...
Person 1 is free at 2:29 PM GMT while Person 2 is free at 3:30 PM GMT.

Be careful with this situation as (in this example) 2:30 PM GMT to 3:29 PM GMT, the second person is vulnerable and all alone.  If they are caught within this time, they are by themselves with person 1 not being able to return to rescue them.

Staggering Catch
As mentioned in the above example, since everyone must make it through their Timed Travel post, if person 1 leaves before person 2 does, they are vulnerable to being caught by the local shinobi.  If this happens, person 2 may have to deal with the authorities on their own.  

What to do after a catch
You have a few things you can do once you have caught someone.
1)  RP out a capture.  This can be done through RP where you can return the one "running away or breaking in" and turning them into your prisoners (if you wish)
2)  Fight.  Probably what most people will do.  Anyone, including the one with the Timed Travel, can start a modded battle once the time has expired.  
3)  Let them go.  If everyone who caught agrees to let the shinobi go, that is their call.  However, one person who doesn't agree may call a BM and that reverts to #2 mentioned above.

If a BM is called, follow proper Battle Start Conditions found Here

After a Battle
Native Shinobi wins:  Same as after the battle.  However, the losers do not get to go free unless they are given permission to go free.  If defeated, the Native Shinobi can haul them off to jail with no questions asked.  The Native Shinobi may still maul their targets and haul them off to jail if they so desired.

Timed Travel shinobi(s) win:  If the ones that got caught win the battle, they can do all the post-battle stuff to the Native Shinobi.  For those that already posted their Timed Travel post, they are free to transition to the next area.  (If they still need to post leaving the country, they must, once again, post a timed travel topic to leave the country -unfortunately-)

Village Security
If a Village has bought security for their village, one's Timed Travel may increase depending on how much the security is within the village.
There will be a topic within the village gate stating the current Security Level and how much time is added onto Timed Travel topics. Be sure to adhere to these or your topic may be considered invalid (which will turn your topic into a Free RP/Social topic) where the catchers can still call a BM on you.

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Travel Rules Empty Re: Travel Rules

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:21 pm

Section 3:  Event Travel

Events that allow Event Travel are considered "Filler Episodes" of sorts which allow anyone to travel to a specific location without leaving where they are at. They can "magically" appear at the event (if the event allows it). During these Events, there are a couple things to keep in mind:

1) No need to travel
2) No need to leave topics if in another country.

This is to allow a higher concentration of people to join the event and is a good/easy way to mingle with shinobi from other villages without the need to travel.

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Travel Rules Empty Re: Travel Rules

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