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BM Request Form Empty BM Request Form

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 16, 2016 2:40 am

When calling for a BM (Battle Moderator), use the following template in your own separate request post.  

[u]Name of Participants (Must be people in direct IC location)[/u]:
[u]Character Teams[/u]:  (if known, makes it easier on the BMs)
[u]Link to BM Call[/u]:  

By making this BM Call, I understand that:
-If someone is currently in a battle, a decision will need to be made on what to do with that person.
-If the Engagement Rules have been done improperly, this may nullify the BM Call.
-If there are Topic Rushers, they will be removed from the topic.  
-When performing a battle, if the BM makes a mistake, I understand proper etiquette to politely fix the problem.
-I agree to the 48 hour posting time frame (disregarding posting order).  If no actions are sent, I will stand there doing nothing.
[u]Do you Accept These Conditions?  (Yes or No)[/u]:  

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