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Post by Admin on Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:44 pm

Like with any site, there is a way one can be expected to behave.  
Here, you will also find rules on how members of staff are expected to behave as well.

Rules for everyone to follow:  (This includes staff as well)

RP Rules
Do not Metagame
In terms of site roleplaying, Metagaming is using OOC (Out of character) information for use in IC (In character) situations.  Do not use information that your character doesn't know.  
If you want an example; say that Ninja A knows in skype that Ninja B plans on doing something (but doesn't know IC).  Ninja A goes to stop Ninja B's plans without catching wind of it IC.  
--Doing this could add unnecessary drama to the site and cause issues with all parties involved (to include the staff).  Just don't use information your character doesn't know.

Do not Godmod
Godmodding can be defined as your character being perfect and does executes everything without consequence.  This generally happens in jobs and Free-Form PvP.  If Ninja A and Ninja B are fighting, Ninja A dodges all attacks and expects all of their attacks to land, that is godmodding.  When doing this, it's best to give people a chance to react to your actions and 'dodging everything' should be changed to allowing some things to happen.
--Doing this could make people almost not want to participate with you.  It's best to not play 'the perfect character'.  

Respect Post Order
Post order is dependent on the order people join a topic.  If Ninja A starts the topic, Ninja B joins, then Ninja C, the order is A, B, C.  However, if the next round occurs and Ninja D joins after Ninja B, the new post order would be A, B, D, C.  
Respecting post order would make sure everyone gets their post represented without being completely skipped over and ignoring other players.
However, if someone is taking too long to post, if 48 hours have passed, then the next person in line is capable of posting.  

Breaking the Fourth Wall
I'm guilty of it and a lot of other people are probably guilty of it.  Just keep it tasteful and only do it sparingly (don't do it very often, please).   Don't use this as a means to insult another player or a person's religion, race, gender, etc etc in an OOC manner.  

OOC Behavior on the forum
Do not Flame other people
This is basically just "not insulting others" on the forum.  While you can do it IC if it is done reasonably, doing it in an OOC manner on the forum isn't advisable.  While we cannot control your behavior off-site, this falls under the "Be nice to people" clause.
Note:  When it is said you can do it IC, that means your character insulting the other character.  This does not mean your character can insult a player.  That will still be seen as Flaming/Metagaming.

Do not Flame Bait
Flame Baiting is the act of getting someone so riled up that they are encouraged to fire back with insults to you.  This is usually seen as deliberate.  Unlike flaming, this will be taken on a case-by-case basis as some people may Flame Bait without realizing what they said results in the other person firing back.  This cannot be confused with debating.

Cursing in OOC areas
I personally don't like cursing in Out of Character areas because I would like to try to make the environment look positive and welcoming. Be in a new person's shoes and see a bunch of curse words floating around everywhere. You probably wouldn't be able to take the site seriously, would you?
Either way, if you do curse, use less offensive words such as: "Damn", "Hell", etc while avoiding the big words (you know what they are). While you can say just about any curse word under the sun in an RP, do try to keep cursing to a minimum in OOC areas (including the chatbox, if applicable).

Behavior expected by the players
Don't bother staff: There are places where things are to be requested. The staff will get to it when they get to it. So please do not harass the staff on off-site mediums to get your request down. Everything will be handled in the order they are received.
Be nice to the staff: Remember that the staff are volunteers; none of them are getting paid to do this work. Backhanded comments won't be tolerated.
Give Feedback: Constructive criticism is VERY welcome. If you think something being done is being done poorly, explain to us what is being done poorly and how we can do it better. That is what the suggestion forums are made for. Your constructive criticism will NOT be censored and all constructive criticism will be looked at. What we will not tolerate, however, is "This sucks" without explaining why it sucks or telling us how it can be done better. Also, try to keep your constructive criticism professional. A lot of people put a lot of hard work into creating this site and simply bashing it isn't very respectful for the massive amount of work done.

Behavior expected by the staff
Allow me to preface with the fact that all members of staff ARE volunteers to the positions they were placed in. Nobody is getting paid and everyone has their own lives. With that in mind...
Be professional: Even if a player is harassing you or annoying you to no end, remain professional. Do not ever yell at a player or curse them out. Imagine being in their position and ask yourself if you would like that kind of treatment or not. You represent the staff of the site and your behavior will reflect on the site's ability to manage players. Poor behavior from the staff will cause players to leave (I have seen this before many times)
Be Helpful: If a player (especially new players) ask you a question, don't brush them off. Try to help them to the best of your ability. Everyone has questions regarding something. If you don't know the answer to a certain question, find someone who does and get back to the player making the inquiry. While it's hard to get to everyone that pelts you with questions, try to remain professional and courteous to the players.
Try to remain unbias: It's impossible to remain 100% unbias to everything. If that is the case, if you don't believe that your friendship with another player won't sway your opinion of something you might be grading of theirs, hand it off to someone else. We don't need the playerbase to think that we have members of staff cheating for their friends.
Do NOT bend rules: Rules are made for a reason; that isn't to break them or bend them for your friends. This also includes rigging results in favor of someone that you like or someone you don't like. Be honest and don't cheat.
Do your job: If you are a member of staff and you don't do your job, you'll get fired. Simple as that.
Lead by example: People will look up to you as a member of staff. Anything you do and can get away with, other people will follow, saying "But so-and-so did it, why can't I?". Don't be that guy.
RP: Yep, while doing your job is important, you are also required to RP. It is an RP site after all.
Power Corruption: Yup. Power is a force that can corrupt even the most mild tempered person. Don't let the power get to your head. Even if I, the admin, fall for this, let me know so I can get my act together. Same should be done to any other staff member as well.

A lot is expected of the staff as they are considered the "cream of the crop" when it comes to players. Treat the playerbase with respect and expect to be treated with respect.
NOTE: If a player sees a staff member not being a prime example for the site, let us know with evidence and the member of staff will be dealt with.

Behavior on off-site mediums
This pertains to skype, IRC, or any other communications medium that is outside of the site.
Basically, we cannot police your behavior off-site as that isn't part of our jurisdiction. Use your best judgment on how it should be handled and deal with it. Sorry to say, but we cannot control your OOC lives the same way we cannot control who you speak with on skype.

We cannot and will not punish people for the things they do off-site. While we can help console you and listen to your problems (which we are more than happy to do if you need) we cannot help you with anything that happens (though, we can offer recommendations).

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