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Battle Start Conditions::Read First Empty Battle Start Conditions::Read First

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 09, 2015 5:24 am

Engaging in Battle
Keep in mind, these rules are meant for PvP purposes only.
The rules in this post are things you need to follow BEFORE a BM is called.

+ Everyone in the immediate area (within that thread) before the BM Call are legal combatants.  
+ If character(s) in the same thread are not in the immediate area IC, they aren't considered combatants.  However, they are given "Automatic Knowledge" of the fight and may join without IC notification.   These people join the battle 1 round earlier than others.
+ NPCs are not considered legal combatants in a modded battle.  
+ Players may not have more than 1 of their characters in the same battle.  If two of their characters end up in the same battle, one of the characters needs to be considered a non-combatant.
+ People who "topic rush" are not considered combatants.  Read below for more details.

Combat Clause
+ A member is only able to be in 1 battle at a time with a single character.  (A character can be in 2 modded battles if they have 2 characters being in battle at the same time).  
+ If a member is already in a battle and a BM is called upon them in another thread, they have 2 choices:

    Choice 1:  The thread is placed on hold until the member is out of their battle
    Choice 2:  The user is considered a non-combatant

Topic Rushing
A topic rush is when people know a battle is going to commence and, therefore, rush into a topic so they could join the battle.  These people are only here for a battle and will be ejected from the topic.  Topic Rushing will not be tolerated.

How long must people be in the RP?
In order to call a BM on someone, the person making the call must have been in the topic for at least 2 rounds of posting.  This means that a player cannot just enter a topic and call BM in that same topic.  This also applies to anyone else entering the topic.  This is also to stop topic rushing.  

If all that is satisfied
If all of that is satisfied, you are allowed to call the BM.  When you call a BM, at the end of your post, you type:

[Calling BM]
After that post, post in BM Request.

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