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Post by Admin on Sun Jan 03, 2016 3:50 am

Everyone is required to have a profile!

When should I make a profile?
Directly after your character creation has been approved.

Where should my profile go?
For Sky Ninja:  Here
For Lava Ninja:  Here
For Missing Nin:  When Missing Nin becomes available, a place will be made there!

What needs to be on my profile?
The meat and potatoes of your profile.  Your profile must have the following:
  • Your Stats (HP, CP, Accuracies, Dodges, etc etc) -- Stats gained/allocated in your Training Thread
  • Bloodline Information (With all gained skills) -- Skills obtained in your Training Thread
  • Combat Specialty (With all gained skills) -- Skills obtained in your Training Thread
  • Kinjutsu (If applicable and with all gained skills) -- Skills obtained in your Training Thread
  • Jutsus (Link to your jutsu approval thread) == (May put them in your profile, but a link to the thread is required)
  • Abilities -- From a list of pre-created abilities, you get 3 to choose from. These will be noted in your training thread.
  • Weapons -- Any weapons you have bought, created, obtained must be placed here with a link to you obtaining this weapon.
  • Items -- Including Heirlooms, like weapons, you must also provide a link to these in your profile.
  • Job Listing -- List all of the jobs you have performed with a link to them. At the end of each job, a member of staff will approve them in the thread with your EXP and Ryo gained.

Can I put fluff information in my profile?
When it comes to your character's IC information such as current height, weight, etc etc. Yeah, you can put those if you so desire. Your profile is maintained by you (while also audited by staff every now and then). As long as you have the above information listed in your profile, you can put anything else you want into it.

What are these Profile Audits?
Basically, they are when the staff goes through your training/job threads to ensure that all things you have are accurate. If someone doesn't have an accurate profile, you will receive a 1 week notice to fix it. If you don't fix it, (and if you are active on the site) there may be consequences.

Now that you know what's expected in a profile, get to creating your profile
Keep in mind that all profiles will be made available for everyone to see so there is no hiding your builds, unfortunately. Sorry.

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