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Post by Admin on Fri Dec 25, 2015 4:32 am

The site's rating will be locked at

What this means is:

Language-  Swearing is permitted, to a point.
What this means is we allow cursing, but just that.  The use of racial slurs, slurs regarding sexual orientation, slurs against people's national origin WILL NOT be tolerated.  
All swearing on this site will be left to just roleplaying only.  There will be absolutely no swearing in the OOC forums.  (Damn and Hell are permitted, however. Just don't spam the use of those words.)
Try not to make every other word a curse word.

Sexual Content- Sexual Content is permitted, explicit narration is not.
What this means is your characters can have sex.  You will not, however, explain how it happens.  A popular thing to do to imply sex is to "Fade To Black" mimicking how cameras do so in movies to imply sex is occurring.  There can, however, be nudity and even groping (if it's done in a tasteful manner; which that is usually done as comic relief).  Rape and having sex with child characters WILL NOT be tolerated.  Only characters that are adults may 'fade-to-black'.  
**If you desire to do something too sexual, please do so off-site. 

Violence-  Explicit Violence is permitted.
What this means is you can do things such as decapitating people, hacking off limbs, and even gutting people.  However, you will not get too far into detail about the violence nor will the violence be extremely disturbing in nature.  While you can have a violent character, please do not go into gory detail about how your character 'gut someone like a fish'.  Keep it tasteful.

The rating will not ever go any higher, however, with constant abuse of any of these, the site rating may become more strict.  Playing nice is the best policy to ensure a pleasurable RP experience.

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