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Post by Admin on Thu Dec 24, 2015 3:16 am

Second Character Rules
Yes, you are allowed to have a second character; which means you are allowed to have a second account!  
However, you are only allowed 1 additional character. That's it! You can make your second character once your first character makes it through the Shinobi Academy.

If you don't think you can maintain a second character, don't make one as both of your characters are subject to inactivity rules.

The following is a caveat for how to play your second character:
1)  Your characters may be in the same village or a totally different village.
2)  Your characters may NEVER interact with one another.  This means they cannot talk to each other, cannot say hi to one another, cannot be in the same battle as one another, cannot be in the same team as one another, etc etc.  This means that these two characters will NEVER EVER meet one another.
Upon creation, you must post that that new character is your "alt" by posting with your original character in that character's Character Creation.  
After doing that, a note will be made in your profile by the staff.

Same IP on Character Creation
You will be asked why you share IP with a character creation being created.  If this is your alternate character, you must post in their character creation stating that that is your alternate character.  If this person isn't your alternate character, you must provide the reason why they are posting from the same IP as you.  

Too Many Characters
If you are seen to be multi-accounting without declaring an alt, all characters besides your original will be set to 'inactive' and will not be used.  So declaring it is wise to declare a character as your alt upon creation to stop this from happening; not when you get caught while your alt is an S Rank shinobi.

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