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Post by Admin on Thu Dec 24, 2015 3:07 am

What does it mean to be active?
Well, we count activity as IC posts; whether these posts are made from missions or RPs.  
We want to encourage site activity and interaction amongst other players.

If you do not make an IC post in 1 calendar month, you will be considered inactive.

When inactive, the following will happen:
- Your information (profile and training) will be moved to the inactive archives.
- If you hold a special position (Village Kage or Sannin) you will lose that position and it will be open to someone else.
- You lose claim to your face claim.  If someone takes your face claim, you must either ask to share it or you must acquire another face claim.
- See The Housing System for what happens there.
- If you went inactive during a mission, you are considered out of that mission.  Even if you return and the mission is still going on, you will not get credit for that mission.  
- If you went inactive, all of your current threads will mark you as gone from that thread (except for battle threads)
- If you go inactive during a battle thread, your opponents may choose to continue battling (to which all of their attacks will be auto-hits) or stop the battle.  If your opponents decide to continue battling, THEY will have the decision to kill you.  Since you are gone, you cannot make that decision.  (This is different if you declare yourself inactive).

Declaring Inactivity
This is where you actively state that you are going inactive for whatever reason.  Everything remains the same except for the results of being in a battle RP.  You must declare if you want your character to live or die in the battle in your inactivity declaration.  If you do not make the distinction, the decision will return to your opponent.  So be sure to state whether you want your character to live or not if you plan on returning.

Quitting Permanently
Now if you say you are leaving permanently, everything from the going inactive happens.  If you permanently quit, your character will be marked as dead and everything associated with your character will be put into the graveyard/destroyed.  While we understand that you might be angry about something which leads you to saying you are quitting permanently, but remember to use a level head when deciding on if you're quitting permanently or just going inactive for a while.  Because, if you do come back, you will start back over at zero.

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