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Housing System Rules Empty Housing System Rules

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 14, 2015 3:36 am

The Housing System

There are three level of housing on The Shinobi Way:
Apartments:  Everyone starts off with an apartment.  With an apartment, you may make a single post within the Housing Area that serves as your apartment.  The first post is a description of your apartment and ALL RPs that take place in your character's home will be made there; even multiple threads will take place in that single thread.  You can come up with your own way to separate the difference between threads.  

House:  For the low-low price of 100,000 Ryo, you are able to buy a house.  Unlike apartments, you get your own sub-forum within the housing area that you can have multiple threads in.  The sub-forum MUST have a topic describing your house.  Once you have written the description, make a request to have that topic locked and made as an announcement for your sub-forum.  

Clan House:  For 400,000 Ryo, you are able to buy the biggest estate in the Housing System.  Unlike Houses, your forum will be in the main village, itself, and not tucked away within the Housing Forum (but will be located underneath the housing forum).  You will be given 3 Sub-Forums of your choosing.  You will also be given moderator rights to the Clan House.  You will also have to make a description for the Clan-House, which you yourself can turn into an announcement.  Any abuse of your moderator rights and it will be taken away from you.

In the event of owner retirement:
If the owner character becomes a retired NPC, the housing still stands as an RP area.  

In the event of owner death:
If the owner character dies, this will become downgraded to a House.  

In the event of player inactivity/quitting:
If you quit, the forum will be downgraded to a House.
If you go inactive, the forum will be downgraded to a House until you return, to which it'll be upgraded back to a Clan House.

How to Buy a House
The way you buy a house is to make a request in the Shop area (the Realtor Company).  Once there, follow the instructions for purchase of the house.

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