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Current Bans

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 09, 2015 5:20 am

Here is how Bans will be formatted.
All Bans will have been talked over by the administration and will be explained here.

All Bans will follow the following format:

Banned Player's Main Account: ((Name and Link to account profile))
Reason for Ban: ((Explanation of the ban, in detail))
Admin Discussion Link(s): ((Links to the admin discussion in which the ban took place.))
Length of Ban: ((Length of Ban. Ban starts as of the post on this forum))
Appeal Date: ((In the event of a permanent ban, when the player can plead to return to the site. Minimum of 6 months))

[b]Banned Player's Main Account[/b]:  
[b]Reason for Ban[/b]:
[b]Admin Discussion Link(s)[/b]:  
[b]Length of Ban[/b]:
[b]Appeal Date[/b]:

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