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Post by Admin on Mon Dec 14, 2015 3:35 am

What is Training For?
Training on this site is used for 3 things:
- Allocating your Stat Points
- Activating Abilities
- Choosing skills for Bloodline/Combat Specialty/Kinjutsu

Starting Your Training Thread
When starting your training thread, you will start with posting your: 
- Bloodline (if you chose one) with your initial passive ability.
- Current stats (HP, CP, SP, Taijutsu Accuracy, Taijutsu Dodge, etc etc):: These will basically start off at 0 due to everyone starting with no stats.  
- Up to 3 D Rank abilities (May declare them if you desire).

Once you have made your posts in your training thread, a staff member will come by and approve what you have, reposting all pertinent information.

Continuing Training
In the event that you want to:
- Change/add abilities
- Allocate more stats
- Unlock Bloodline, Combat Specialty, or Kinjutsu abilities
You must reply to your topic with the additions/changes.  DO NOT edit your post!  Reply to it and a member of staff will get to it to approve it.

Getting EXP
Every week, you gain gain EXP by linking threads that you posted in within a single calendar week (yes, that's Sunday to Saturday).  The more posts you make, the more EXP you gain.  However, the EXP gained by doing this is only used with socials.  

This forum goes off of GMT, so to gain EXP in this manner, set your site time to GMT.  You can post any time:
0001 Sunday to 2359 Saturday
to gain credit for social posts made that week.

What are social posts, you ask?  Social posts are posts you make RPing with other people (that aren't jobs/missions/events/etc).  These are your general, run-of-the-mill RP topics that the players start up.  The more Social posts you make per week, the more EXP you can gain.

The amount of EXP you gain from socials are dependent on current Rank and how many posts you make.  Below is a table:
1 Post in the week1 EXP4 EXP25 EXP41 EXP67 EXP166 EXP or 1000 Ryo
3 Posts in the week2 EXP9 EXP50 EXP83 EXP134 EXP332 EXP or 3000 Ryo
5 posts in the week3 EXP14 EXP75 EXP125 EXP200 EXP500 EXP or 5000 Ryo
While it doesn't net you much for EXP, it's still an easy way to RP with friends and still gain EXP.  The numbers are to remain low so that this method doesn't become a full replacement for the job system.  
(These numbers are based off of 5 posts in a week being equal to 10% of that rank's job's EXP payout)

Once you link your posts in your training, a member of staff will click the links to ensure they are within the current week's timeframe and grant you EXP (or Ryo) for your work.  X Ranks only gain Ryo due to EXP being meaningless to them.

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