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The Shinobi Academy is the most important part to a would-be shinobi's life.  This is where they learn basic skills to become an effective shinobi.  

Performing a Class
Students can perform a class either Solo or with other shinobi.
A student selects one of the several classes below to perform and upon completion of the class, they will be given access to jutsus only available by going through these classes.  (See the Job Listing below)

In order to perform a class, all one must do is create a topic in their village's Shinobi Academy and complete the class by fulfilling the word count requirement.  This word count requirement can be performed in a single post or through multiple posts as long as the student's posts reach the site's word count minimum.

Rewards for Completing a Class
Every student receives 10 EXP for completing a class.
Every class also grants access to a certain jutsu or command (depending on the class).  
Upon completing a class, post your class completion in the Request Forum and a staff member will update your EXP and put the jutsu/command into your Character Sheet under Inventory.

**NOTE**:  Classes do not reward Ryo.

Who can attend these classes?
Anyone can attend these classes, but students need to accomplish 3 of these classes minimum in order to take an exam.

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