Character Creation: Life, Death, Rebirth [New Character Creation Guide][redo]

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Character Creation: Life, Death, Rebirth [New Character Creation Guide][redo]

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 11, 2015 4:58 am

This is everyone's first stop in playing in The Shinobi Way.  This is where you create your character and we will tell you how!

Chapter 1:  Creating Your Character
While creating your character, consider creating a brand new concept.  While "original ideas" are hard to come by now-a-days, try not to take something that's been beaten to the ground and come up with something -YOU- would like to play.  

Also, consider creating a character for yourself and not any other member on the site.  Usually characters built around other players are doomed to begin with as they rely specifically on another member's activity.  So create a good stand-alone character first.

Now that you have that in mind....

Step 1:  Create a topic in this forum... Make the topic title (Your character's name) [Village]
Example:  Hasegawa Ren [Soragakure]

Step 2:  Copy the following format, paste it into said thread, fill everything out...

<center><img src="IMGURLHERE" width="60%"></center>
<center>[b]-- Character Vitals --[/b]</center>

<center>[b]-- Character Information --[/b]</center>
[b]Starting Village[/b]:  

<center>[b]-- Character Appearance --[/b]</center>
[b]Face Claim[/b]:  
[b]Hair Color[/b]:
[b]Hair Length[/b]:  
[b]Eye Color[/b]:  
[b]Skin Color[/b]:
[b]Special Features[/b]:  

<center>[b]-- Character Personality --[/b]</center>

<center>[b]-- Historical Record -- [/b]</center>
Step 2A:  Here, all of the fields will be explained:
Syntax: Family name first, Given name last.
--Names follow the same format that eastern cultures follow.
--Names may only be Japanese, Korean, or Chinese
--Names have to be of actual names or words in that language (Staff will do a check)
--May not be the name of a historical, anime, or video game character (Be original)

  Good Example:  Hasegawa Ren
  Bad Example:  Suripingu Mori

Age:  ALL new characters will start off as academy students (this includes new characters even if your previous character was old and capped out.
--All characters will be between the ages of 8-13

Sex:  Male or Female
--Simply put.  If your character is a hermaphrodite, that can be roleplayed out.  If your character is a hermaphrodite, pick the sex that indicates your character's preferred pronoun.

Weight / Height:  In US and Metrics
--Remember, you're playing a young character so keep their height and weight in mind.

Bloodline:  You don't have to pick a bloodline right now, but for those that wish to choose one now, please go Here for more information on bloodlines.  

Starting Village:  Can choose one of the 2 villages.
Available Starting Villages
Yogangakure -- The Village Hidden in Lava

Located within the Land of Steam.

Yogangakure is located in the historic Steam Empire capital within a large active volcanoes.  Yogangakure has excelled in advances in steam technology and continues to produce unmatched machinery such as the zeppelin and the locomotive.  Due to this, they are the ruling shinobi using a combination of technology and ninja arts.

Village Status:  Open

Yogangakure Emblem
Soragakure -- The Village Hidden in the Sky

Located within the Land of the Void

Thought to have been the birthplace of chakra, the Soragakure resides upon a rare phenomena; a floating island.  There are no written records of who or what created the floating island but the shinobi of Soragakure had placed their village upon this strange structure created by neither technology nor chakra.

Village Status:  Open

Soragakure's Emblem

Face Claim:  Check the Face Claim List for availability of your face claim.  
--There will be no sharing of face claim
--No characters from Naruto can be used as face claim
--Only active characters can have a face claim
--Can change your face claim at any time.

Hair Color, Hair Length, Eye Color, Skin Color:  
Use your better judgement.  Remember, this is anime...  

Special Features:  
Can be anything from tattoos, to scars, to freckles...
Can also be non-human parts such as wings (decoration only), tails, shark teeth, etc.  Don't go too crazy with it.. Subtle additions are fine.

Personality:  300 words of your character's personality.

History:  300 words of your character's history.
Step 3:  Wait for approval
Now that you finished writing your application, now you wait for a member of the village's council to get to your application.  

If you do not get a member of the village council to begin grading your application, bump your topic once.
24 hours after the bump, if there is no movement, PM an admin.  The Admin will make sure to get someone to work on your application.
A member of the council will grade your application.  If the council member sees a problem they will tell you to fix the problem.

Step 4:  SUCCESS!!!!
Now that your application has been approved, your application will get locked.  It is now your job to go and make a profile in your appropriate village's Profile area.  

The council member will give you X Ryo to start with.  You can use this money to get yourself some equipment.

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Re: Character Creation: Life, Death, Rebirth [New Character Creation Guide][redo]

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:20 am

Chapter 2:  Character Death
When your character dies, you lose everything.
You lose all your money
You lose all your EXP
You lose all your Jutsus
You lose all your items

You keep your house?
Yes, since houses in this RP site are expensive, Houses are shared with all characters of that account (being located in different places IC anyway).  Read more on the "Housing System" later.

Basically, if your character dies, you lose everything and must start from scratch.

How does one's character die?

1:  Suicide -- You simply kill off your own character..
2:  Death in battle -- Even if you lose in battle, it is 100% up to you whether or not your character lives or dies.

If you wish to create a new character, please follow the instructions in Chapter 1

Note:  Dead characters will have their profiles (and profiles only) moved to the Graveyard.  Necromancers will be able to temporarily summon your dead body at their own whim.  (The summon is temporary, though)

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Re: Character Creation: Life, Death, Rebirth [New Character Creation Guide][redo]

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:20 am

Chapter 3:  Character Retirement

Getting a bit bored of your character but you still want to play as them?  Not to worry!  You can just put them into retirement!   While a shinobi is in retirement, they are considered 'inactive reserves'.  They aren't technically on active service, but they can return when the need arises.  

This only applies if you retire your character ONLY.
This does not apply to character death.  

In order to retire your character, fill out the following form...

[u]Name of Retiree[/u]:  
[u]Village of Retiree[/u]:
[u]Retiree's Bloodline[/u]:  (name second BL if applicable)
[u]Retiree's Combat Specialty[/u]:
[u]Retiree's Kinjutsu[/u]:
[u]Retiree's Summons[/u]:
[u]Cursed Seals[/u]:

[u]Link to Profile[/u]:
[u]Link to Training[/u]:  
[u]Link to Weapon(s)[/u]:
[u]Link to Puppet(s)[/u]:
[u]Link to Heirloom[/u]:
[u]Link to Jutsus[/u]:  
[u]Store Bought Jutsus[/u]:

By doing this, the player understand that this character will be put into the retirement home and cannot be returned for a minimum of 3 OOC months.  By doing this, the player must start their next character all over.  
[u]Do you agree to these terms?[/u]:

[u](Staff Only)Amount of Ryo[/u]:  

Once that has been filled out, a member of staff will record and verify everything you have.  If everything is consistent, the staff member will:
--Lock your Retirement Request
--Post a link to your Retirement Request in both your training and profile
--Move your training and profile to the Retirement Home
--Lock those topics.

Once that is successful, then return to Chapter 1 and start fresh.  This means, no items, zero Ryo (except for starting Ryo), and back to 0 EXP.

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Re: Character Creation: Life, Death, Rebirth [New Character Creation Guide][redo]

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:20 am

Chapter 4:  Unretiring a Character

To unretire your character, you simply post the following:

[u]Name of Retiree[/u]:
[u]Link to Training[/u]:
[u]Link to Profile[/u]:  

If it's been 3 months since you retired your character, then you can return to that character with all items returned to you.  However, you must choose to either kill off your current character or retire them.

Follow Chapter 2 if you plan on killing your character so you can unretire an old one..
Follow this chapter if you plan on unretiring a character.

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Example Character Creation

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 06, 2016 10:49 pm

Example 1:  
Initial Character Creation

-- Character Vitals --

Name: Managawa Kana
Age:  11
Sex: Female
Weight: 73 lbs/33.1122 kg
Height: 4'5" / 1.34m

-- Character Information --

Bloodline:  Yuki Clan
Starting Village:  Soragakure

-- Character Appearance --

Face Claim:  Furude Rika -- Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Hair Color: Purple
Hair Length:  Down to elbows
Eye Color:  Purple
Skin Color:  Pale
Special Features:  N/A
Clothing Selection:  Can usually be seen wearing a white button-up shirt and a skirt.  The skirts generally changes in appearance on a daily basis.  Also usually seen wearing knee-high socks with black shoes.  She usually wears her lucky earrings and bracelets.  

When she wears her practice gear, she wears the traditional dark gray outfit that covers up her face, leaving only the top half of her face and her long hair swaying in the wind behind her.  When dressed in her 'shinobi attire' she her hair bound together.  Instead of tabis, however, she wears black tennis shoes.  

-- Character Personality --
Personality:  Happy-go-lucky, Kana is generally nice to everyone she meets.  She is kind and sincere and never speaks to anyone with a sarcastic or sardonic tone.  Even in the face of adversity, she still keeps a smile upon her face, knowing that 'even if she experiences hardships, nobody else should be burdened by it'.  The best way to conceal sadness is with a smile.  In reality, she's a very lonely girl.  While she loves being around people, her anxiety makes it difficult for her to be around others.  

Kana is prone to bouts of depression.  She doesn't have any actual safety-net or moral support at home.  Her only time of happiness is during her time with her friends.  She feels torn with her love for other people and her inability to be around them for an extended period of time.  When she isn't spending her time breaking down emotionally, she spends her time in self-reflection, training, and reading.  She uses Training and Reading as her only escapes from her crappy home-life.

Kana also suffers from self-esteem issues.  She doesn't think she's good enough for people to like her, she doesn't have any faith in her abilities (even with all of her training), and she doesn't believe she would make a good shinobi.  Even if her friends tell her that she would make a good shinobi due to her intense training, she doesn't believe in herself.  

Her self-esteem issues and bouts of depressions leads to violent thoughts and dreams.  She lusts after hurting others as a way of unleashing her aggression out on a world that she believes hates her.  She sometimes stops doing what she's doing to simply day-dream of hurting other people.  But a part of her knows that hurting innocent people is wrong, but a small part of her still wants to, at least, give it a try.  

-- Historical Record -- 
Kana was born to a family of criminals and low-lives.  Her father was a regular to the brig due to his unruly attitude and his penchant for anti-establishment and a free Soragakure.  Her mother is an alcoholic and has a terrible gambling addiction.  Kana hopes to escape from this hell, thus she entered the shinobi academy.  Due to her desire to become a shinobi, she'd get beaten by her father, who completely disagrees with her becoming a shinobi.  

At the age of 10, when she first began at the academy, she was locked away in her house in order to prevent her from going to the academy.  It was due to her absence that sprung an investigation to her not being in class.  The ANBU discovered Kana's father having locked her in the basement, barely feeding her and constantly beating her.  As the ANBU discovered this, they apprehended and captured Kana's father and threw him into prison for an extended sentence.  After this, Kana was free to go back to class.

Upon returning, she was met with quite a bit of teasing and bullying, being called "The Kidnapped Girl" and "Daughter of a Criminal".  While she had a small support net of friends, their help wasn't nearly enough to stop Kana from entering near-crippling depression.   However, she always covered up her sadness and pain with a smile, even receiving the name "Creepy Girl".  All Kana wants is to become a shinobi and become strong.  

Her father escaped prison only to find Kana at home.  Her mother wasn't home as she was out gambling, leaving her alone with her father.  Her father started to beat her senselessly before his head was removed from his head, spraying blood everywhere.  Kana simply stared at the mysterious man, growing enamored with his strength.  She didn't particularly care for the fact that the man killed her father.  She had starry-eyes after watching this display of violence.  She now aspires to become like this man, to defend herself and to take down wicked people like the ones that bully her on a daily basis.

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Re: Character Creation: Life, Death, Rebirth [New Character Creation Guide][redo]

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