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How to perform events Empty How to perform events

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 27, 2016 7:46 am

Events come in all shapes and sizes, but they come in 2 major categories.
Site Events -- Events hosted by the site's Event Team
Village Events -- Events hosted by your individual village

Site Events are typically of a larger scope and effect the site's storyline. While Village Events do, as well, Site Event's main focus is to move along the site's story. As thus, Site Events will grant EXP/Ryo/Items while Village Events will also reward the same, but not nearly as much.
*NOTE: Village Events are required to obtain permission before handing out rewards from the Event Team. While villages can perform events at any time, they are required to tell the admin when and where the events will be so it can be marked in the side bar for quick access.

Site Event Rules
Site Event Types
Social --
These are just events where everyone can get together and just mingle in a pre-determined setting such as a festival, etc etc. Social Site Events will all fall under the Event Travel rules where everyone can just appear there to have fun with shinobi of other villages. This can be considered "filler episode material" but you can take everything done there such as interactions and such as canon.
While it is meant to be a social thing, if people start fights there, then well, it happens.
These Social Site Events will generally have an area created just for them (which will change in appearance to match the current social site event).

Setting --
These are events that can slightly alter the setting. People will be given a scenario to RP and it is completely up to the players whether or not to participate in these Setting Site Events. An example is if Red Rain began to fall constantly without stop. This is a Setting Site Event that changes the environment to that of Red Rain falling. These events can be made to change things up or to be used as a prelude to a Storyline Site Event.

Storyline --
These are events that can happen either in multiple threads simultaneously or it can happen in multiple short threads. With all of these threads, there will be storyline build-up (which will be tracked on the side-bar for everyone to read) before the actual event kicks off. These events can involve fighting NPCs (but don't expect them all to be like that). These are meant to carry on the site's storyline and are always lead by a member of the Event Team.

How will Storyline Events be done?
Depending on the stage of the Storyline Event, it may go from simple viewing to participating. Once you participate, it'll follow a format similar to exams.
1: There will be the Event Mod who moves the event along. They moderate what happens during the event and are basically your DMs.
2: There are the players who post once per round in the event. They don't have to follow the post order
Just follow the Event Mod through the event until completion. They may throw things at you to do, but they will outline exactly what the objectives are if needed so you aren't left in the dark wondering what to do.

But so-and-so is higher ranking than me, I'm useless!
No you aren't. These events do not have a battle system and are RP'd out. While you will have your Gary Stus throwing around their biggest jutsu, even a lowly academy student can help out and be the hero if they want! Don't let your rank get in the way of doing what you want to do in the event!

Event Rewards:
Upon completion of the event, everyone will receive:

However, there are also rewards that only certain people can get, and they are:
Best RPer
Character with most impact

Those two will get the best rewards in the event as well as EXP and Ryo. So a student may get the best reward depending on how well they RP and not by how many jutsu they can throw out at once.

Event Rewards will only be given out during MAJOR points in the event. You will know when you'll be receiving rewards.

Village Events will be ran relatively similar, however, they will only effect their village and not the entire site. Ask your village for more details on how they will run their own events.

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