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Avatar and Signature Rules Empty Avatar and Signature Rules

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 24, 2016 6:23 am

Avatars and Signatures are a good way to personalize your site's profile. However, we do have a few rules we would like you to follow:

Avatars: 200x400 or smaller. If your avatar exceeds 200 width or 400 tall, it will be resized.
Signatures: No wider than 700 pixels. The height doesn't matter as long as it doesn't go over-board. Anyone seen creating MONSTROUS signatures will have their signatures resized for them without a warning.
In regards to sexual content and gore
Neither Avatars nor Signatures will have content displaying gore or pornography. While mild violence and ecchi are fine, don't go over-board. While we do state that ecchi is fine, there will be no nudity on either of your images.
Your images will also NOT be centered around a sexualized body part (such as breasts, crotch, or rear end).

Avatars and Face Claims
Your avatar MUST be of your character's face claim. This is to easily identify what your character looks like without having to go through the face claim list to see what your character looks like.
Signatures, however, can be of just about anything.

Content of your signature
While you can make any picture your signature, it is also requested (not required) to have a link to your:
Profile (where you put your stats)
This is meant to be a quick reference in case there are applications that request it, the staff member could just look at your signature and pull the link from there.
Animated Avatar and Signatures
Yup, they're allowed! And you don't have to donate for them either!

If you are caught abusing your ability to use avatars and signatures, your ability will be stripped away from you. So don't abuse this privilege.

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