The Graveyard -- Where the Dead Rest

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The Graveyard -- Where the Dead Rest Empty The Graveyard -- Where the Dead Rest

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 09, 2015 6:04 am

Congratulations! You are dead!
Your character has found their way here; whether it's by suicide or murder, your character has been killed. Your dead character's profile will be moved here along with all information pertaining to that character. Under normal circumstances, one cannot bring their character back, but there are ways for a person's dead character to temporarily come back to life. However, coming back to life isn't always a good thing.

Re-animating the Dead
Certain situations allow some people to be able to use your dead body as their own. Only one group is capable of temporarily using a dead PC to their own end. The Necromancer Forbidden Skillset (think of Orochimaru) is capable of temporarily using your character's dead body in combat. When doing this, they are capable of using your character's stats/etc during combat. However, they cannot assign them personalities.

You may also revive your own previously killed character for combat use only. Read the Necromancer Forbidden Skillset for more information.

Ghost NPCs
While they are possible, they can't be of these people. Consider their spirits passed on. This is to curtail people from talking with these ghosts to get information that would otherwise have gone to the grave with them. (Basically to thwart metagaming and 'OOC revenge' scenarios).

Deleting Character Info upon Death
Don't do that. If you do that or are found falsifying the information in there before your profile gets moved, you will be penalized harshly. So don't do that.

But now that you're here, get comfortable... You'll be here for a while.

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