Shinobi Retirement Home

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Shinobi Retirement Home

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 09, 2015 6:03 am


Welcome to the retirement home!
Once here, your character(s) profiles will stay here.  However, due to the fact that they are retired, they start to "lose their skills" and won't be as sharp as they were once they were an active shinobi.  Retired characters lose 10% of their current EXP upon unretiring them.  

Any retired character may instantly become a player's NPC.
They can also give away their items or Ryo if they see fit.  However, your NPC's/Retired PC's character cannot give items/possessions to your other characters.  If it is discovered that this happens, your character WILL lose those items/possessions.  

While these characters are retired, they cannot get into a MODDED fight.  While they can still get into RP battles, they cannot get into a modded situation.  These NPCs can also be RP'd with, but this shouldn't take over posting for your current character.  

Enjoy your stay at the Shinobi Retirement Homes!

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