How to create Weapons

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How to create Weapons Empty How to create Weapons

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 09, 2015 5:59 am

Everyone is capable of creating a weapon.  You are given 5000 Ryo upon character creation, which is good enough to buy yourself a D Rank Weapon Voucher.

In order to obtain a Weapon Voucher, you must go to Kotetsu's Blacksmith and purchase a Weapon Voucher.  After you have purchased your weapon voucher, a member of staff will approve your purchase, deduct the Ryo from your Character Sheet, and place a Weapon Voucher of whatever rank into your Inventory.  

Once you have your Voucher, then you can start creating!  Make a new thread in this forum and start creating your weapon!

Weapons fall under their appropriate ranks:  D->X Rank weapons.  
Weapon RankVoucher PriceBase Weapon DamageWeapon ModifiersWeapon Passive Ability?Weapon Active Ability?
D5.000 RyoX000
C10.000 RyoX100
B16.000 RyoX110
A40.000 RyoX211
S100.000 RyoX321
X400.000 RyoX422

Weapon Base Damage
This is the number used when determining the damage multipliers when using Taijutsu.  
This is also the number used when making a basic strike with your weapon.  
You can alter the Base Damage (which will be explained in the actual weapon creation).

Weapon Modifiers
These are modifiers to your weapon.  These modifiers can be chosen from a list of pre-created modifiers.  They can modify things from damage to giving you a boost to your weapon's secondary effect.  See below for a weapon modifier list.

Weapon Passive Ability
These are passives placed upon your weapon that don't require any kind of activation.  These are all user created.  The only down-side to these passive abilities are that they cannot/will not give damage boosts or have anything to deal with numbers.  These passive abilities MUST be effect driven in nature.  These will be highly scrutinized by the staff when creating.

Weapon Active Ability
These are basically jutsus that are there for JUST your weapon.  They can be anything to being a free Taijutsu to a buff.
These Activated Abilities follow the same rules that Taijutsu follows.  
Instead of expending Chakra or Stamina, however, these abilities have a cool-down.
For Instant-use Weapon Active Abilities, these will have a 2 Round Cool-down.
For a duration Weapon Active Abilities, their cool-down will be double the duration.

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How to create Weapons Empty Creating your weapon

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 18, 2016 2:22 am

Use the following post code for creating your weapons:


[u]Name of Weapon[/u]:
[u]Weapon Description[/u]:
[u]Weapon Type[/u]: (Unarmed, Blunt, Slashing, Piercing)
[u]Weapon Distance[/u]:  (Melee or Ranged)/Unarmed cannot be Ranged
[u]Weapon Weight[/u]:  (Light, Normal, Heavy)
[u]Weapon Rank[/u]:  (D -> X)
[u]Weapon's Accuracy[/u]:  

[u]Weapon Modifiers[/u]
- Modifier 1
- Modifier 2
- Modifier 3
- Modifier 4

[u]Weapon Passive Abilities[/u]
- Passive 1
- Passive 2

[u]Weapon Activated Abilities[/u]
- Activated 1
- Activated 2
**Delete any modifier, passive, or active that doesn't exist for your weapon's strength.

Name of Weapon:  Self Explanatory.  
Weapon Description:  What does your weapon look like?
Weapon Type:

  • Unarmed:  These are gloves or your bare fists.
  • Blunt:  Weapons similar to a hammer or a mace.
  • Slashing:  Weapons with a cutting edge.
  • Piercing:  Weapons that come to a sharp point, good for cutting through armor.

Weapon Distance:

  • Melee - Up close and personal
  • Ranged - Usually a throwing (rocks or boomerang) or a launched weapon such as a bow/arrow or crossbow.
    *Ranged weapons have infinite ammo, by the way

Weapon Weight:

  • Light - Small, quick weapon that deals little damage.
    Normal - Balanced weapon with balanced speed and damage.
    Heavy - Two handed weapon that's slow but extremely powerful.

Weapon's Accuracy:  The total accuracy of the weapon.  Taijutsu doesn't have accuracy changes due to the weapon being the accuracy change.

Weapon Types

All weapons have up to 4 types (3 for Ranged)
These types have special passives that come along with using the weapon.  They are:
Unarmed:  Capable of using hand-seals without needing to put away their weapon.  Unarmed can also "tri-wield" having their gloves equipped and 1 weapon in each hand.  (See dual wielding rules in the battle rules for details)
Blunt:   All attacks made with a Blunt weapon gets a secondary roll to cause "Minor Suppression" to the target.  Minor suppression causes the target's next actions to occur 5 speed slower.  
Slashing:  All attacks made with a slashing weapon gets a secondary roll to cause "Bleeding" to the target.  See Status Ailments in the battle rules for more information on Bleeding.
Piercing:  Piercing ignores 50% of the armor, dealing 50% of the damage to the armor and the other 50% damage to the person underneath the armor.  Piercing weapons also do the same thing to targets behind a barrier or with Chakra Armor on.

Weapon Range
The only difference between the ranges is that one is up-close while the other is from afar.  Attacks from Ranged are useful while in stealth.
Melee cannot counter Ranged Attacks.
Ranged cannot counter Melee attacks

Weapon Weight
Light Weapons:  Weapon's base damage is cut in half, but gain +2 Accuracy and their attacks are made at half speed.
Normal Weapons:  NO change.  All attacks are made at 100% damage, +0 Accuracy, and at normal speed.
Heavy Weapons:  Must be held in both hands making dual wielding impossible.  Weapon's base damage is doubled, -2 Accuracy, and all attacks are made at 1.5x speed.

To find a list of Weapon Modifiers, check HERE

Once that is done, post your weapon creation in this forum.
Once your creation is complete, post your request Here to have a member of staff review your weapon.

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How to create Weapons Empty Getting an Alteration Voucher

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 18, 2016 2:29 am

How to change your weapon

In order to change your weapon, you must purchase an alteration voucher from Kotetsu's Blacksmith. The prices will vary depending on the rank of your weapon.

Once you have purchased an alteration voucher, post a request in the Creation Complete Request forum to have your weapon re-opened and moved to Equipment Creation. After doing this, your Alteration Voucher will be taken from your inventory.

It is here, that you will redo your weapon and start the procedure over again (in the same fashion that you did when creating it)

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How to create Weapons Empty Re: How to create Weapons

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 19, 2016 3:43 am

Name of Weapon:  Destruction Star
Weapon Description:  A terrifying star with 6 "fingers".  This star is actually two tri-tipped stars on top of each other.  As the shuriken spins, it also rotates with the two tri-tips spinning at different intervals.  The blades spin so fast that it looks like a solid disc flying at an opponent.  
Weapon Type:  Slashing
Weapon Distance:  Ranged
Weapon Weight:  Light
Weapon Rank:  A
Weapon's Accuracy:  +2

Weapon Modifiers
- Blood Letting -- All chances to cause bleeding has a +2 secondary chances
- Homing -- When an attack misses, there is a -3 secondary chance that the attack will try again at 50% damage.
- Stuck -- If this weapon crits, this weapon gets stuck in the target, dealing the weapon's base damage at the beginning of every round.  Requires 1 Action at 15 speed to remove the weapon.  Only 2 weapons can be stuck at a time. Only works with ranged weapons.

Weapon Passive Abilities
- This weapon's attacks cannot be dodged with bodyswitch-type techniques.
- This weapon automatically deals secondary effects on a target when an attack lands a critical hit

Weapon Activated Abilities
- Super Spin - All shurikens enter into an intense spinning mode where the top half and bottom half spin in opposite directions.  While activated, this weapon deals +20% damage to everything it touches and is capable of penetrating through armor and barriers.  This ability lasts for 5 rounds with a 10 round cool down.

**NOTE:  All weapon modifiers, passives, and activated in this example are just examples and either may not exist or may not get approved.  The above is just an example to demonstrate what a weapon would look like.

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How to create Weapons Empty Re: How to create Weapons

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