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How to create Puppets Empty How to create Puppets

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 09, 2015 5:55 am

Everyone is capable of creating a Puppet.  You are given 5000 Ryo upon character creation, which is good enough to buy yourself a D Rank Puppet Voucher.

In order to obtain a Puppet Voucher, you must go to Kotetsu's Blacksmith and purchase a Puppet Voucher.  After you have purchased your puppet voucher, a member of staff will approve your purchase, deduct the Ryo from your Character Sheet, and place a Puppet Voucher of whatever rank into your Inventory.  

Once you have your Voucher, then you can start creating!  Make a new thread in this forum and start creating your puppet!

Weapons fall under their appropriate ranks:  D->X Rank weapons.  
Puppet RankVoucher PriceBase Puppet DamagePuppet ModifiersPuppet Traps?Puppet Active Ability?
D5.000 RyoX000
C10.000 RyoX110
B16.000 RyoX120
A40.000 RyoX221
S100.000 RyoX331
X400.000 RyoX442

Puppet Base Damage
This is the number used when determining the damage multipliers when using Puppet Jutsu.  
This is also the number used when making a basic strike with your puppet.  
You can alter the Base Damage (which will be explained in the actual Puppet creation).

Puppet Modifiers
These are modifiers to your puppet.  These modifiers can be chosen from a list of pre-created modifiers.  They can modify things from damage to giving you a boost to your puppet's secondary effect.  See below for a puppet modifier list in Kotetsu's Shop.

Puppet Traps
Unlike weapons getting passives, puppets have the ability to set traps.  These traps, when set, do not indicate what sets off the trap.  All that is posted during the mod is "A puppet set up a trap".  These traps have certain conditions that must be met before they can be tripped.  Upon being tripped, they are set off dealing either damage or other wide range of effects.

Puppet Active Ability
These are basically jutsus that are there for JUST your puppet.  They can be anything to being a free Taijutsu to a buff.
These Activated Abilities follow the same rules that Puppet Jutsu follows.  However, your activated abilities MUST correspond with your puppet's typing.
You can make an activated ability that requires more than 1 puppet to use.  However, to do that, you MUST have those puppets out in order to use them.
Instead of expending Chakra or Stamina, however, these abilities have a cool-down.
For Instant-use Puppet Active Abilities, these will have a 2 Round Cool-down.
For a duration Puppet Active Abilities, their cool-down will be double the duration.

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How to create Puppets Empty Re: How to create Puppets

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 18, 2016 8:25 pm

Use the following code when creating your own puppet.

[u]Name of Puppet[/u]:
[u]Puppet Description[/u]:
[u]Puppet Type[/u]: (Offensive, Defensive, Support)
[u]Puppet Distance[/u]:  (Melee or Ranged)
[u]Puppet Rank[/u]:  (D -> X)
[u]Puppet's Accuracy[/u]:  

[u]Puppet Modifiers[/u]
- Modifier 1
- Modifier 2
- Modifier 3
- Modifier 4

[u]Puppet Traps[/u]
- Trap 1
- Trap 2
- Trap 3
- Trap 4

[u]Puppet Activated Abilities[/u]
- Activated 1
- Activated 2
**Delete any modifiers, Traps, or Activated Abilities that aren't used.

Name of Puppet:  Self Explanatory
Puppet Description:  What does your puppet look like
Puppet Type:
  • Offensive - A puppet meant for dealing damage and causing bad status effects on a target.
  • Defensive - A puppet used for increasing the user's defense and protecting them from harm.
  • Support - A puppet used for support abilities such as buffs.

Puppet Distance:
  • Melee - Up close and personal
  • Ranged - Usually a throwing (rocks or boomerang) or a launched weapon such as a bow/arrow or crossbow.
    *Ranged weapons have infinite ammo, by the way

Puppet's Accuracy: Puppets all start off at +0 Acc. For every -1 accuracy (up to -2) you give to your puppet, they gain +10% base damage. For every +1 Accuracy (up to +2) you give to your puppet, they lose -10% base damage.

To find a list of Puppet Modifiers, check HERE
To find a list of Puppet Traps, check HERE

If you are able to create Puppet Activated Abilities, be sure to create them in your application as well.

Once that is done, post your puppet creation in this forum.
Once your creation is complete, post your request Here to have a staff member review your puppet.

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How to create Puppets Empty Re: How to create Puppets

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:39 pm

How to change your puppet

In order to change your puppet, you must purchase an alteration voucher from Kotetsu's Blacksmith. The prices will vary depending on the rank of your puppet.

Once you have purchased an alteration voucher, post a request in the Creation Complete Request forum to have your puppet re-opened and moved to Equipment Creation. After doing this, your Alteration Voucher will be taken from your inventory.

It is here, that you will redo your puppet and start the procedure over again (in the same fashion that you did when creating it)

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How to create Puppets Empty Re: How to create Puppets

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 19, 2016 3:37 am

Name of Puppet:  Mother Elemia
Puppet Description:  A large puppet draped in purple and long blonde hair.  This puppet appears to look almost exactly like the user's mother.  The puppet has long metallic claws that can penetrate through metal armor.
Puppet Type: Offensive
Puppet Distance:  Melee
Puppet Rank:  B Rank
Puppet's Accuracy:  -1

Puppet Modifiers
- Double Strike -- With each attack, there is a -5 secondary chance that the puppet will follow up (immediately) with another standard attack.  This second attack is a free action.  This second attack doesn't get the secondary chances to make another strike.

Puppet Traps
- Gap Closer -- When a target uses a ranged attack on you, the puppet will instantly appear in front of the ranged user and attack them.  This trap's attack is considered a free action.  This trap can allow the puppet to attack 5 times before the trap is considered used.  
- Maul --  When the puppet lands a critical hit, it will instantly follow up with another basic strike with a +4 Critical Hit chance.  This can string together until there isn't a critical hit.  Must set the trap on a single opponent, requiring a puppet accuracy check to set the trap.  

Puppet Activated Abilities

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How to create Puppets Empty Re: How to create Puppets

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